Cape Saint Frankenstein - Surfline - December 2015 - 60,000+ hits

Ben has written entire websites for Wave Loch and Wave House and Waterways Travel.

He has also done a great deal of writing for a wide variety of websites, including Malibu Magazine, Malibu Patch, LA Weekly, Surfline, Surfer Magazine, Lat34,  Alma Surf Brazil and surf websites around the world.

This story called Weekends With Jerry ran in LA Weekly, and inspired Jerry Seinfeld to give Ben stinkeye at Malibu Kitchen. Then Seinfeld tried to buy a Lamborghini Miura 400 S from a friend of Ben for $2.5 million. Long, cool story.

Just when Ben thought he was no longer relevant, in December of 2015 he wrote Cape Saint Frankenstein, about Kelly Slater Wave Co's new artificial wave invention. That story got tens of thousands of views.

And then also for Surfline, this memorial to Brock Little.

That got 81,000+ views, with another 25% for mobile and other apps.

So Ben is still relevant, apparently.

Currently Ben writes about pop culture and politics for

And anyone else who will have him.