Photo Shoot for Chris Carter Project

While at Surfer Magazine, Ben dreamed up and produced The Surfer Magazine Surf Video Awards - the Oscars of surfing. A lot of work, but a lot of fun. He was involved with the Video Awards from 1996 to 2000, and they were a smash.

The Video Awards are still going, 20 years later.

Ben has worked with freelance publicist Gregg Brilliant on publicity notes for many major motion pictures, including Life of Pi, Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, Better Call Saul, Lemony Snicket, Kong: Skull Island, Leatherface and many others.

Ben is a follower of the Pauline Kael/Anthony Lane school of omnipotent, funny movie reviews. Ben wrote this rather snide review of the new Point Break.

Ben lived in Malibu for eight years and kind of tripped over movie things, occasionally. He helped X Files producer Chris Carter do a photo shoot for a TV show he was pitching. Chris needed to photograph two women in wedding dresses who jumped off a bridge at night. No problemo, Ben hooked it up, with help from photographer Lucia Griggi and Griff Snyder's swimming pool with the window looking into it.

For an indie movie called Broken directed by Alan White, Ben suggested Heather Graham sing a song at the end - the song that brought her to Los Angeles. They used that ending. He also let his cell phone ring not once but twice while they were shooting a scene. Big no no.

Ben has written a number of screenplays and pilots, including Malibu Fire, Bubblehead, Psychotic Reaction, Nine Sons in a Row, Live Like Jay.

One of those screenplays actually got made, although the producers he sent it to neglected to credit or compensate Ben. Long story, but the movie lost ten$ of million$ of dollar$ so no lawyer would take it. Ben went to five different attorneys and they all said the same thing: "You got ripped off. You won't win."

Oh well, that's Hollywood. Ben's friends know he wrote it, anyway.