Ben Marcus

Born in San Francisco on August 28, 1960 to Marc and Sue Marcus. Two brothers, Daniel and Michael. Married twice - to Joanne Ottone and Ania Divina - currently single.

Prefers Ford to Chevys, Led Zeppelin, The Police, the 1970s in general, Pizza My Heart, Paula's Cafe in Santa Cruz, the San Francisco baseball Giants, the San Francisco 49ers, New York steaks, pretty girls, decent people, honesty, integrity, proper spelling and punctuation, travel, fishing, standup paddling.

Democrat but understands Democractic Socialism isn't evil because he has been to Norway and seen it work.

Ben has also traveled to Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada (BC, Yukon, Alberta), Connecticut, Delaware, Fiji, France, Hawaii (Maui, Kauai, Oahu), Idaho, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mexico, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, New Zealand, Norway, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Panama, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Texas, Tonga, United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Wales), Utah, Washington, Wyoming.


Surfer Magazine, Surfer's Journal, M Nii, Wave House, Wave Loch, Watershot Photography, Lucia Griggi, M Nii clothing, Gotcha, Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center, Falcon Guides, Voyageur Press, Schiffer Books, Paramount Pictures, Malibu Magazine, LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Fly Fish Journal, Nalu Japan, Surf Session France, Surfers Germany, Alma Surf Brazil.